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The PH Balance

When people ask if I'm more of a "design person" or a "development person," my answer will always be BOTH!


Some may argue that you have to sacrifice one or the other, but I disagree. It's definitely possible to have a beautifully designed website that functions well on the front and back end.  And that's what I do.

Experience has taught me that "the look" of your website is more than just superficial. Well-designed sites actually give your viewers a reason to talk about your website and create valuable (and free) word-of-mouth marketing for you. I love creating unique websites that are memorable, so I don't skimp or cut corners where design is concerned.  Plus, I have a graphic design degree, so I've been trained to dislike bad design with a passion.

Since I'm equally adamant about function AND form, I hold fast to my belief that a "pretty" website doesn't have to limit usability. We use modern yet well-proven programming practices and ensure properly written code, so your website will display flawlessly on all platforms and browsers.  In addition, most of our websites come with a fully-integrated content management system (CMS) that makes it easy for you to update your own website.  I won't bore you with all the geek-speak, but if you want to talk nerdy (about HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, CMS, etc), I'll be happy to entertain over coffee.  :)


Attractive websites that are functional.  That's the PH balance.

Check out my portfolio to see this concept in action!