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How It Works: Pure Heart Studios has purchased a large amount of server space that is solely dedicated to our clients. That space is then partitioned out on a case-by-case basis, taking into account factors such as website size, traffic flow, etc.


Why It's Better:  Our customized hosting approach works MUCH better than a typical one-size-fits-all, generic shared hosting plan, which can get bogged down quickly if you find yourself on an overcrowded server (most big hosting companies store 3000+ sites on one machine - yikes!). By choosing to host directly through your web developer, your reserved server space can be closely monitored and adjusted as necessary to accommodate increased website traffic as your business grows. The end result is less downtime, and quicker loading speed, bandwidth & performance.


How To Sign Up: To get started, simply click the button below & fill out the secure hosting sign-up form. You will then receive an email receipt from Authorize.Net confirming your purchase, and we will get to work setting up your customized hosting environment.


How Do I Access My Hosting? After your site is built & launched, PH Studios will provide you with a personalized training session & a how-to guide containing full access information to your website & hosting control panel.